EXO’s D.O. Only Appeared For A Minute On “Dear My Room” But He Definitely Stole The Show

The WonShim couple was finally reunited!

EXO‘s D.O. is good at stealing people’s hearts on stage and off, but his latest cameo on Dear My Room doesn’t just prove he can steal hearts, he can steal the show too!


Last week, the show caught fans by surprise when they showed a preview with not only Nam Ji Hyun but also a mysterious figure that fans were quick to announce as D.O.

EXO-Ls Couldn’t Be More Excited For The Next Episode Of “Dear My Room” And With Good Reason


Everyone already knew that D.O. would be making a special cameo during the show right alongside his 100 Days My Prince costar so seeing that familiar figure ascending the steps in the preview had everyone incredibly excited!


Luckily, the wait is now over and the D.O.’s cameo has finally come!


In the scene that we’ve all been waiting for D.O. meets up with his wife played by Nam Ji Hyun…


While proving to fans that the WonShim couple survived modern times too!

In case you didn’t know the WonShim couple were D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun’s character ship in 100 Days My Prince!


Although the two were only on screen for a little over a minute…

A minute and eleven seconds to be precise!


Everyone was completely captivated seeing one of their all-time favorite K-Drama couples together again and we don’t blame them!


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