One of EXO D.O.’s Dongsaengs Just Exposed Him In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

She called D.O. out for some of his wacky behavior during “Swing Kids” filming.

EXO‘s D.O. may seem like a very serious guy at first glance. Especially since his severe astigmatism causes him all sorts of problems, but the more someone gets to know him, the more they realize there’s just no telling what D.O. will do including doing all sorts of weird and wacky things on set as one of D.O.’s acting dongsaengs just revealed!


A few days ago, Lee Yullim had a livestream where she talked all about the time she spent with her fellow actors and actresses during the filming of “Swing Kids”.


Of course, this also meant that she spent some time talking about D.O., which may or may not have been so great for him! From the very beginning, she wasn’t shy about exposing D.O. and even told fans about the time D.O. decided to make a tasty treat practically inedible!

“One time I bought a choco pie to eat, but Kyungsoo hyung asked for it. I gave it to him and he took it over to the electric heater. He kept doing something and I was wondering what he was doing. It turned out that he made it into a poop shape. When I saw it I lost my appetite and couldn’t eat it. It looked too real!”

— Yullim


She also revealed that no matter what D.O. was doing or where he was going, he couldn’t stop tap dancing!

“I don’t think Kyungsoo hyung ever hummed on set but he did keep tap dancing. Even when he walked he just tap danced! And when he sang, he would always sing properly.”

— Yullim


She also revealed that D.O. lets her call him hyung to this day because they are both used to it and it’s comfortable!

“Yes. I still call Kyungsoo hyung as hyung. It’s comfortable.”

— Yullim


Yullim didn’t just go around exposing D.O.’s interestingly wacky habits on set though. She also revealed that it was impossible to dislike him…

“Kyungsoo hyung… He’s really, really, really a person that you can’t help but love.”

— Yullim


Because he has so many good points!

“Kyungsoo hyung’s charms? He’s kind, handsome, he has a good voice, he’s sweet, and he’s also good at dancing. He’s really the best. The best!”

— Yullim


EXO-Ls have been loving her revelations and think it really does fit D.O.’s personality!


How sweet!