Filipina EXO-L Made Everyone Jealous With Her Special Prom Date

They wish their prom date would have been like hers!

One EXO-L has been causing some serious jealousy among her fellow EXO-Ls thanks to her very handsome prom date.


For any K-Pop fan, the thought of taking your bias with you to prom would be a dream come true which is why one fan decided that was exactly what she was going to do! Not too long ago, Sofia Pineda, @pinedzzz, tweeted some very adorable pictures of her sister heading to her high school prom. And like most prom photos, there were a couple taken with her very special date, a cardboard standee of EXO‘s D.O!


The cardboard standee was one a promotion one from D.O.’s movie “Underdog”!


Although the photos themselves were already amazing, some students who just so happened to be at the event also snapped a few photos of the adorable couple too. Especially after she won the title of prom queen and D.O. won prom king!


Although some fans have expressed their jealousy that they hadn’t thought of taking D.O. with them to their own dance…


Everyone is totally in love with her amazingly creative idea…


And are congratulating the amazing prom queen and king!