EXO-Ls Find Out What Happens When EXO D.O.’s Name Goes Through Google Translate

And it just proves why you should never fully trust it!

There are many K-Pop idols whose real names and stage names mean something very special, like how EXO Suho‘s stage name means “guardian.” But Suho isn’t the only one whose name means something, D.O. also has a very unique translation for his name…at least according to Google translate!


Knowing what his name really means, one fan, @SquishieKsoo, wanted to see what kind of results the well-known translation generator would have fro D.O.’s full name, Do Kyungsoo. Written as, 도경수, the translator came up with a rather expected result.


But that certainly wasn’t the end to the…umm…unique translations. Other netizens joined in and found out that if you spaced his name as 도 경수, you’d get the reason behind the abdominal pain.


Or when you spaced it the other way, 도경 수, you’d get something totally different.


Some fans even had fun putting it into a few other languages just to see the hilarious results!


One EXO-L even tried out Kai’s name!


Don’t worry though, D.O.’s parents really didn’t name him “abdominal pain.” Based on the hanja characters, Do Kyungsoo actually means “bright and flowering.”


So it just goes to show that Google translate isn’t always as accurate as we would hope!


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