Netizens Are Calling For A Collaboration Between EXO’s D.O. And Red Velvet’s Wendy After Seeing This Sweet Interaction

“Imagine if D.O. and Wendy release a duet together.”

The SMTOWN concert in Chile has left fans with a whole bunch of sweet and wonderful memories that they will cherish forever but there’s one interaction, in particular, that is leaving fans feeling pretty overwhelmed.


At the end of the night when all of the artists gathered on stage to give their final bow to the audience, fans noticed EXO‘s D.O. reaching out for Red Velvet Wendy‘s hand.


Seeing D.O.’s careful and gentlemanly behavior toward Wendy and the cute bowing moment melted many fans’ hearts.


Besides making fans feel all squishy inside, however, the sweet interaction made netizens start to think about a collaboration between the two idols. The more they thought about it, the more they were convinced it would be the best thing ever!


Now netizens are trying to show SM Entertainment and everyone else what an amazing combination the two singers would be and are hoping to see WenSoo rise sometime soon!