EXO’s D.O. Just Set A New Record…For Shortest Palm Wrestling Game Ever

It was the shortest match in history.

There are world records for pretty much every human achievement in the world and the EXO members are no strangers to setting many records themselves. They’ve even got an official place in Guinness World Records for having the most Daesang awards. While they’ve set plenty of good records, one member may have accidentally set a new record…for losing.


During EXO’s first episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, the boys played a game of palm wrestling. Right before they started, D.O. announced that the anyone was immediately out as soon as their butt left the water.


Shortly after his insistence that the game was over with any bit of booty action in the air, D.O. went head to head against Kai. Although his attack was strong, it just wasn’t a match for gravity.


Haunted by his very own words, D.O. lost the game…


While his members and fans couldn’t help laughing over his swift new record!