EXO’s D.O. Melted Everyone’s Heart With His Sweet Gesture For SHINee’s Key

This year’s SMTOWN concert already kicked off with an adorable interaction between the two.

Fans have always loved how close all of SM Entertainment‘s idols are to each other and one relationship that has always melted fans hearts is the one between EXO‘s D.O. and SHINee‘s Key. While their busy schedules normally keep them apart, nobody can stop talking about their latest interaction together.


Throughout the years, the two have shown what an amazing friendship they have together. From D.O.’s insistence at celebrating SHINee’s win…


To adorable interactions at SMTOWN concerts…


Fans have fallen in love with this duo.


But it’s one of their most recent interactions that has been making everyone’s day! When the two groups were spotted at the airport heading out for this year’s SMTOWN concert, some fans noticed that the two were pretty inseparable.


It wasn’t their closeness that really captured everyone’s attention, it was when D.O. very gently went over to Key and quietly fixed his facemask.


The sweet interaction has thoroughly warmed everyone’s heart and nobody can stop talking about it.


And with SMTOWN’s concert just kicking off, who knows how many more amazing interactions we’ll get to see between the two!

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