EXO’s D.O. Is So Talented He Put Two Professional Dancers Out Of A Job

They didn’t know how to react after seeing his skills.

EXO‘s D.O. has major talent when it comes to singing, acting, and dancing. But more than that, he’s also always willing to work hard to make sure everyone can enjoy his performances. Because of his dedication to perfection, however, he once put two professional dancers out of work!


In one episode of Entertainment Weekly, two professional tap dancers shared their experiences while working in the movie “Swing Kids”.


In case you didn’t know, one of the main elements in “Swing Kids” is tap dance. Prior to filming, D.O. had zero experience in that particular form of dance so professional tap dancers were called in and prepared for the movie.


Originally, the thought was that the professional dancers were going to be doing the dancing and their legs would be edited over D.O.’s character. The stand-ins, however, were given a huge surprise on set when they caught sight of D.O.’s flawless tap steps!

“We were wearing clothes that were identical to D.O.’s character and were completely prepared to start filming, but D.O. did everything himself!”

— Dancers


While the two professionals couldn’t help expressing their awe of D.O.’s perfectly executed dance moves, they also couldn’t help joking that they were slightly disappointed with how good he was.

“We thought that the choreography should have been more difficult so that our legs could have appeared at least for a little while!”

— Dancers


So all those moves were 100% D.O. even if they weren’t originally supposed to be. Talk about major talent!


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