Hwang Minhyun Once Revealed EXO’s D.O. Was More Popular With His Sister Than He Was

That’s one story that his sister will likely never hear the end of.

When your sibling is a famous idol, people would expect that you’d give a lot of support and love for your family member’s group. In the case of NU’EST and former Wanna One member Hwang Minhyun, however, his sister was much more interested in EXO‘s D.O!


A few months back, the members of Wanna One were welcomed onto the set of Knowing Brothers. What started off with a story about Kim Jaehwan experiencing the attention of someone who was more interested in another member, sparked a story between Minhyun’s sister and D.O.


After Jaehwan told his story, the cast wanted to know if anyone else had had similar experiences. As it so happened, Hwang Minhyun had and with his own sister!


Minhyun first began by explaining that he doesn’t keep in regular touch with his sister.

“We don’t really keep in touch regularly.”

— Minhyun


One day, though, he suddenly got a text message out of the blue asking if he knew D.O. and if he could introduce him to her!

“She asked me out of nowhere, ‘When do I get to meet Do Kyungsoo?’ D.O. from EXO. I think she became his fan after watching 100 Days My Prince.”

— Minhyun


Rolling with the punches and deciding to tease his sister a bit, Minhyun responded that even if he did he wouldn’t introduce the two of them.

“I told her even if I did know him very well, I still wouldn’t let her see him!”

— Minhyun


That’s one story that Minhyun’s sister will probably never live down!


Watch the full clip below: