EXO-Ls Felt Xiumin’s Heartbreak Over An Accident That Happened During “Love Shot”

Xiumin has the softest heart!

Fans know that Xiumin has an incredibly soft heart and loves his fellow EXO members with his whole being, which is why fans have felt Xiumin’s own heartbreak over an accident that happened during the filming of “Love Shot” with their whole being.


During the guessing-game portion of EXO’s latest appearance on Knowing Brothers, Xiumin told the cast members that something happened that caused him a lot of emotional pain.

Recently, something happened that has deeply affected me and caused emotional pain.

— Xiumin


While the cast had some pretty hilarious guesses…


Eventually, they guessed correctly that Xiumin had accidentally hit Kai while performing.


After the correct guess, Xiumin began to explain that he had accidentally hit Kai in the face full force.

It happened while we were filming the music video for ‘Love Shot’. It was the first day and we had the final group choreography scene remaining. We have a dance move where we fall down and Kai’s face got hit by my foot. Kai was unconscious for a moment.

— Xiumin


Then Kai chimed in with his own version of events.

I got hit. For a few seconds, I lost my sense. They tried to talk to me but I could understand them at all. I’m okay now though.

— Kai


Despite Kai’s insistence that he’s fine, he also knew how much the moment has deeply hurt Xiumin.

I kept telling him not to feel bad about this. I’m okay. I’m really okay. That memory of him kicking me is haunting him.

— Kai


And Xiumin’s own final words on the subject have both broken and warmed many EXO-Ls hearts.

I still remember that feeling today. After the incident, I told myself to be more aware of my members when I dance.

— Xiumin


Xiumin really is the sweetest and most caring idol out there!


If you want to relive the heartbreaking moment, check out the video below.