EXO’s Latest Visuals Are Making Fans Fall Even Harder For The Group

EXO-Ls are applauding their stylists.

From hair changes to clothes and makeup, a new comeback means there are plenty of opportunities to see your bias group in a whole new light and this is especially true for EXO‘s latest comeback.


EXO have tried out a lot of different styles over the years, from more laid-back looks…


To bold and colorful!


While they’ve gone through numerous looks, each with their own charms, fans have noticed that EXO’s latest looks are a big change from their last few comebacks.


Where “Monster” and “Lotto” were dark and bold…


And “Ko Ko Bop” and “Power” were extremely colorful…


Their latest looks are both bold and daring yet light and neutral at the same time.


Fans have been noticing the different makeup looks they’ve been trying on the members since they first started teasing their 2019 Season’s Greetings and their “Tempo” comeback.


And with each new music show performance, fans can’t get enough of the mix of bold and neutral.


EXO-Ls have especially taken notice of Baekhyun and Xiumin‘s latest looks.


Netizens have been commenting that their looks, in particular, make them go from looking innocent to looking strong while still keeping a hint of innocence about them.


Plus they can’t get over the fact that their stylists have been so open to experimenting so much with their looks.


Like how Baekhyun was spotted with not only some bright burgundy eye makeup but also bejeweled fingers during Music Bank.


Fans have been saying that their visuals this comeback have really been pulling people in and it’s easy to see why!


This new styling era is melting fans hearts and is definitely getting added to the list of EXO’s most iconic looks to date!