Lay Was Asked About His Relationship With EXO…His Answer Is Bringing EXO-L To Tears

“I’m crying! Give us OT9 please!”

OT9 interactions seem to be few and far between these days since Lay and the rest of the EXO members having their own very busy schedules. This may be why when they do get to interact or talk about one another, it seems even more special. So when Lay was recently asked about his relationship with EXO, it was incredibly emotional.


Lay recently sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood and covered all sorts of topics. While he covered things like who he would love to collaborate with in the future…

“I want to collaborate with a lot of artists. I would like to work with Cardi B, Drake, Ferg, Steve Aoki, and also Khalid.”

— Lay


And made fans feel a little emotional when he thanked them for giving him the motivation to keep working hard…

“I’m a lucky guy, but I’m really surprised I have a lot of fans who love me. I really appreciate them and I don’t want to disappoint my fans. That’s why I always keep going. I’m not going to give up or rest. I really want to thank my fans. But for me, I think it’s not good enough. I can be better. I can make better music in the future. Just give me a little time to figure it out.”

— Lay


It was another topic that had fans feeling pretty overwhelmed. At one point during the interview, Lay was asked what his relationship with the rest of EXO is like these days. Lay being Lay, said something simple but incredibly powerful.

“The guys are just my bros. EXO are my brothers and we grew up together.”

— Lay


The heartwarming moment has touched many EXO-Ls hearts and has even brought a few tears to some eyes.


Now we have even more proof that no matter where the EXO members are, they are always one big family!