EXO Lay Asks Fans If They’ve Ever Seen A Super Big Pineapple Before

The “pineapple” was on the street.

EXO‘s Lay posted to his Twitter account in the early morning hours of September 15. The Tweet, which had a video attached to it, asked fans if they’ve ever seen a super big pineapple on the street before.

The video, which featured narration by the K-Pop idol, shows a scene of him walking down a street saying goodnight to his fans when he stumbles across the “pineapple” and expresses his shock and delight.

Wow, goodnight, everybody… goodnight—WHAT? Pineapple? What?? So big!


Although the “pineapple” he saw wasn’t actually a pineapple but actually a type of palm tree, likely a cycad palm, Lay’s reaction felt so genuine and wholesome that fans flocked to tell him how cute he was in their replies.

What did you think of Lay’s reaction to the “pineapple”? 🍍