One Fan Just Gave EXO’s Lay The Biggest Surprise Of His Life… A Proposal

“I know we’ve just met but I’m your future wife.”

It should come as no surprise that EXO‘s Lay has stolen many hearts over the years because of his extremely loveable nature. In fact, one fan has fallen so hard for him that she couldn’t stop herself from proposing!


Lay got the surprise of a lifetime when he sat down with BUILD Series to promote his second studio album NAMANANA. During one segment of the show, the hosts explained that they had sent out a message online wanting to know what questions to ask the singer. One fan responded back that she wanted them to ask if Lay would marry her!


At first, they jokingly replied that she needed a marriage license for that. But when she responded that would be no problem, they dared her to come to the show and ask him herself.


And of course, she did! After a brief introduction…

“My name is Yasmin. I know we’ve just met but I’m your future wife.”

— Yasmin


She asked Lay for his hand in marriage and gave him a few different options.

“Lay Zhang will you marry me? Yes or yes? I don’t take rejection very well but I’m open to suggestions. Maybe like get married later.”

— Yasmin


While Lay was already speechless at the sudden proposal, he was about to get an even bigger shock when Yasmin got down on bended knee and presented him with a ring!


The moment was completely shocking for Lay and he didn’t know how to respond. Since it would be such a big decision, the hosts told him to take some time to think about it.

“Take the weekend to think about it, alright? It’s a big decision, you just met!”

— BUILD Series host


While Lay couldn’t give his answer yet, he did give a bit of a reply that made the crowd go wild and made everyone’s heart melt.

“I want to be a responsible man. You know? So let me think about this question seriously.”

— Lay


Check out the full heart-stopping moment in the clip below!