EXO’s Lay Commented On Suho’s Instagram Live, And Their Conversation Left Fans Crying

“Thank you, leader.”

EXO‘s Lay and Suho left OT9 EXO-Ls with warm hearts in a recent interaction.

Suho held an Instagram Live video with fans on April 25. When the viewers reached almost 100 thousand, Lay took the time to comment “Hi” on the Live and initiate a conversation with his friend.

Suho was visibly excited to see his member in the chat, praising him and greeting him at the same time.

The Chinese member then left a few laughing characters and called him “leader”.

Suho soon got teary-eyed as he mentioned Lay’s words in their private chatrooms about being lonely, with Lay agreeing “yes” in the comments.

He said many times that he feels lonely.

– Suho

EXO’s leader reminded fans that they are one.

But everyone, we are one, right? Really, EXO is a team. Even as I became a solo artist and promoting as one, I debuted in a team, didn’t I? Because of this, us EXO, when everyone is together, we are one … Even as we’re teasing each other, WE ARE ONE.

– Suho

Lay was touched by his words, saying, “Thank you, leader.” Suho showed his feelings by replying accordingly.

Thank you, Yixing, me too. I love all of our members.

– Suho

Later on, Suho invited his audience to complete the motto of EXO together, shouting, “We are one!”. Lay joined in with his comment, “Saranghaja”.

Even if Lay has been promoting in China for years, this Instagram Live interaction reminded fans of their close friendship.

There were some tears shed over their conversation.

It’s no wonder EXO-Ls can’t wait for EXO to see each other again!