EXO-Ls Are Freaking Out Over Lay’s Latest Instagram Post…And Not Because He’s With Diplo

At least, that’s not the only reason:

EXO-Ls are more than excited to see Lay hanging out with Diplo but after seeing photos of the two of them together, that’s not the only reason EXO-Ls are freaking out!


On April 3, Lay uploaded photos of himself with the famous DJ who has worked on hits like “Close to Me” and “Be Right There”. In the post, he greets Diplo warmly and expresses how good it was to meet up with him.

It was great meeting you @diplo!

— Lay


While plenty of EXO-Ls couldn’t help expressing their hope that the two will have an epic collaboration in the near future…


There was something else about the photos that sparked a lot of interest. Soon after the photos went up, fans noticed that while Diplo was wearing jeans and a tee, Lay was wearing a simple black robe!


Soon fans were going wild online. Some fans couldn’t help cracking up a little…


Others were slightly confused by the choice of clothes…


And other fans did what any loving fan would do and made some memes!


But one thing that every fan did experience regardless of their other reaction, heart palpitations!


Although the robe has caused quite a stir with everyone wanting to know the secret behind the choice, EXO-Ls are most excited about what their meeting could mean, the possibility of an amazing collaboration!