Everyone Is 110% Convinced Lay Will Be Going On Tour This Year

Lay’s words will convince you too.

While fans still have their fingers crossed that EXO‘s fifth world tour will be announced very soon, everyone believes that Lay will be going on his very own tour this year and the evidence is convincing.


A few months ago during the Samsung Fan Event concert, Lay was asked if he was planning any plans for a solo concert. During the concert, Lay asked fans what they thought and when they responded positively he announced he would have a tour this year.


At the time, it wasn’t completely clear if Lay was actually going to do a concert or if he simply said what he did to make fans happy, but it looks like the possibility is incredibly strong and now everyone is convinced that it’s really going to happen.


Over the past couple of days, Lay has been attending numerous events like the Madame Tussaud’s wax figure reveal and the Samsung “Guardian of Love” art exhibition event. At every event he’s been to, Lay has openly talked about the concert tour!


At the Madame Tussaud’s event, Lay not only reaffirmed that the concert would be this year, but he also made a promise to go to Hong Kong.

“The concert will be this year. This year’s first stop will be…do I say it? Don’t say it? But I will definitely be coming to Hong Kong.”

— Lay


And at the art exhibition, Lay revealed that the concert will happen before his fourth album drops.

“The concert will be before my fourth album but I will release some new music first.”

— Lay


Now fans are even confident that Lay really will be fitting a concert somewhere into his 2019 schedule and everyone is already beyond excited!