EXO-Ls Are Still Trying To Catch Their Breath After Lay’s Sexy Dance Cover To Jason Derulo’s “Mamacita”

Lay left everyone trying to catch their breath:

EXO‘s Lay is an expert at stealing hearts and leaving everyone breathless. Although fans are well aware of this fact, there’s simply no stopping Lay as EXO-Ls were once again reminded when he did a cover of Jason Derulo‘s “Mamacita”.


A few weeks ago, Jason Derulo released his new track “Mamacita” and to show his support, Lay recently uploaded an incredibly sexy dance cover to the song! With his first steps, Lay already made fans feel pretty overwhelmed.


But as he kept dancing the feeling of being overwhelmed was soon replaced by other symptoms including heart palpitations…


Shortness of breath…


And the need to watch his cover over and over again!


Add in the fact that Lay left a sweet message for his “bro” Jason Derulo and Lay once again claimed everyone’s heart and left us all trying to catch our breath!