Fans Sailed With The Theme Of EXO Lay’s Grandline Tour By Preparing An Actual Ship To Celebrate

Fans celebrated Lay’s first solo tour in a big way!

Fans have been pumped for months for EXO Lay‘s first solo tour and the excitement had only continued to build as the kick off in Shanghai got closer. So when his tour started on July 6, fans decided to celebrate in a big way!


As in a whole ship kind of way!


Since Lay first started revealing details about his Grandline tour, it had a distinct sailing theme! So fans decided to sail with the theme and rented a whole ship to celebrate the beginning of the concert.


The ship was completely decked out for the occasion with banners, balloons, pictures, and more.


Fans even made sure that the colors matched Lay’s own and added in some bonus touches with references to his latest album release including banners that read, “Honey departs with you, Grandline.”


With the ship setting sail, fans all over the world are in love with the very special way their fellow fans commemorated Lay’s first solo concert tour.


Besides this ship, Lay’s tour has officially set sail too! Lay will be continuing his Grandline tour with stops in Chongqing, Nanjing, and Beijing (and maybe more) as the summer continues!