EXO’s Lay Proved He’s Got A Heart Of Gold During Recent Court Case

Lay took action against malicious commenters but also did something incredible for one of the defendants:

EXO‘s Lay has been dealing with some very serious matters. One of the defamation lawsuits between Lay and a Weibo user has finally come to an end but it didn’t end in a way that anyone could have guessed.


Last May, the law firm representing Lay and his personal studio issued a statement in regard to malicious comments made against Lay.

“There have been continuous insults and slander posted online about Zhang Yixing and his family.  We will be taking action in accordance with the law on behalf of Zhang Yixing.”

— Beijing Xingquan Law Firm


With strict action being taken against those who left the comments, the case against the Weibo user known as “Yang” recently went to trial on March 5. Ultimately, the Beijing Haidan District People’s Court found Yang guilty and ordered the payment of 50,000 yuan (about $7,450).

“The words used in the offender’s post were very harsh and contained defaming terms and curses made towards Lay Zhang. It is way more than what a public figure should tolerate.”

— Beijing Haidan District People’s Court


But things took an unexpected turn when Lay announced he would waive the compensation. According to Lay’s lawyers, when Lay found out that not only had Yang issued an apology but that she also underage and had financial difficulties at home he decided not to take money from Yang.


Fans have been moved by Lay’s decision and have been sending a whole lot of love his way.


Through this single act, Lay showed what a kind person he truly is. Hopefully, Yang and anyone else who made malicious comments against him have learned their lesson and won’t do something like this in the future.

Source: TV Report and Weibo