EXO Lay’s “Honey” Teaser Filming Location Is Leaving Everyone Speechless

The luxe spot is not open to the public!

Ever since EXO‘s Lay dropped a teaser for his upcoming “Honey” MV, fans have been trying to find out more about it. From release date to what kind of song it is, EXO-Ls are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together but while there is still plenty of mystery surrounding “Honey”, detective fans were able to crack one mystery!


After seeing the location that Lay filmed his teaser video at, fans put on their detective caps trying to figure out the exact location.


After figuring out that the teaser was filmed in Seoul, it didn’t take these clue-finders to pinpoint the exact location either!


They were able to identify the place as the Presidential Suite Room at the Grand Hyatt Seoul hotel, thanks to the view and the specific features shown in the teaser.


On top of that, fans also discovered that the Presidential Suite really is presidential in scale! The suite is located at the very top floor of the hotel and is only people like former US president Barack Obama have stayed in the room! Additionally, the room is rented for 10 million KRW per night (about $8,440 USD)!


Knowing he was able to film in such an exclusive place has been leaving everyone’s jaws on the floor! But then again, everyone knows Lay really is a king!