EXO’s Lay Has Kept His Promise To Fans And It Will Make You Feel Very Emotional

The proof is in his personal playlist.

Although Lay‘s schedule is also incredibly busy, fans know that he is and will always be a true member of EXO and that his heart belongs with EXO-L. He’s proven it a million and one ways, and his latest piece of proof may just bring tears to your eyes.


In the past, Lay declared his favorite music to be that of his own group and even mentioned he made up a playlist of all EXO’s songs that he listens to frequently. Fans have always wondered which songs were his favorites and now they’ve finally found one song that holds a special place in Lay’s heart.


Thanks to the Lunar New Year, fans got an incredible playlist of their very own created by Lay. To celebrate the Year of the Pig, Lay teamed up with Apple Music to show fans some of the artists that inspire Lay as well as including much of his US debut album “NAMANANA”.


But between his own tracks and those of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, fans found a single EXO song that is full of meaning.


EXO’s “Promise” was composed and written by the members themselves and was made for EXO-L. The lyrics hold a lot of meaning as they are an apology to EXO-Ls for not staying as 12 forever and a promise to work hard and protect fans.


The fact that Lay included that particular song in his playlist is another sweet reminder that Lay is always thinking of EXO and EXO-L.Take another listen to the special and sweet song below: