Lotte Duty Free Edits EXO’s Lay Out Of OT9 Photo, Receives Backlash From Fans

Fans just want to know why they didn’t pick a different photo.

Lotte Duty Free recently announced a special EXO event that will be held in China, but their announcement has come with some major backlash thanks to the photo included in the promotion.


Within a few moments of first seeing the announcement, EXO-Ls realized there was a huge problem with the photo included on the poster. The picture they used was a whole lot different from the ones fans remembered.


The original photo was from a photoshoot back in 2017 and included Lay in it.


While many fans understand why Lay wouldn’t have been included in the photo…


They are calling the company out for their decision to use this particular photo and then edit him out.


Many fans have also been pointing out that they simply could have used a different photo that Lay hadn’t appeared in.


While it is unclear whether the company will make changes to their event poster, fans are sincerely hoping that they won’t do something like this in the future.