Fans Discover What It Would Have Been Like If EXO’s Lay Was In “Love Shot” And It Will Warm Your Cold Heart

You might want to prepare your heart for this!

While fans have always understood that Lay has other activities in China along with his own solo work, they will always hope to see him right alongside his fellow EXO members each and every comeback. And although he wasn’t able to perform “Love Shot” with them, fans have gotten to experience what it would have been like if he had.


Fans were incredibly happy to see Lay make an appearance for “Tempo” and were hoping that he’d similarly appear in “Love Shot”.


Although he ultimately didn’t, when he gave a performance at the Hunan TV New Year Countdown he gave fans a taste of it would have been like if he was in “Love Shot”.


Performing “NAMANANA” and “Give Me A Chance”, Lay dazzled with his powerful dance moves and vocals. But it wasn’t just his performance that caught many EXO-Ls eyes, it was his clothing.


Dressed in a completely pink suit, both with and without a plain shirt underneath the suit coat, he certainly cut a fine figure!



But the all pink look also reminded fans of EXO’s “Love Shot” fashion.


Fans were especially happy to see that Lay was wearing pink, a color that none of the other member’s had worn for “Love Shot”!


Some fans even considered that maybe EXO had planned all along for Lay to have his own “Love Shot” suit!


But whether or not it was a simple coincidence or a plan, fans loved the experience of seeing Lay give off major “Love Shot” feels!


Check out Lay’s full performance to see even more of this sweet moment: