Detective EXO-L Found A Secret In Lay’s Lunar New Year Wish And It Will Warm Your Cold Heart

This secret is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Many idols have been wishing their fans a happy new year as the Lunar New Year is right around the corner. While each of the members of EXO just sent their wishes to fans, some detective EXO-Ls found a secret in one of Lay‘s past new year wishes that will warm even the coldest heart.


During the very first season of Go! Fighting back in 2015, Lay and the rest of the cast went to a temple to make wishes. While the camera caught Lay voicing his own wish on camera, one fan found out that wasn’t the only wish Lay made that day.


One fan made a trip to the temple ahead of this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations and found among all of the written wishes a couple handwritten by Lay! But these wishes weren’t for himself. Instead, Lay wrote one for his fellow EXO members and another for fans!

He wrote, “for my brothers, EXO, good health” for his members and, “for my fans’ safety and health” to EXO-L!


This recent discovery has been warming everyone’s heart!


Lay has also already sent out his well-wishes this year. His first was given during an interview and once again, Lay sent a whole lot of love out into the world.


And the second came right alongside those of his fellow EXO members! Now if all these well wishes don’t warm your heart and make 2019 start off on a good note, we don’t know what will.


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