EXO’s Lay Just Met His “Twin” And His Reaction Was Priceless

His “twin” received a very warm welcome:

EXO‘s Lay recently met his “twin” for the very first time and his reaction was absolutely priceless!


A few months ago, fans found out that Madame Tussauds was making a Lay wax figure for their Hong Kong museum. Fans were very excited for the big honor and couldn’t wait for the big unveiling.


Now, it’s finally happened! The figure was introduced at an official event on February 28 and Lay was in attendance to introduce his new twin to the world!


The figure certainly does bear an uncanny similarity to Lay, which is why Lay’s reaction is 100% more magical! Lay recently uploaded a video of his encounter with the wax figure. In the video, Lay teases fans by making them guess which Lay is actually the living in breathing one…


Before revealing himself and posing cutely with the figure!


Then there were all the hilarious photos from the event itself where Lay was seen giving his statue the once over…


Wrapping his twin in a warm embrace…


And even giving him an affectionate kiss!


But perhaps the best thing of all is that Lay actually referred to this new Lay as his actual twin!


This figure isn’t actually Lay’s “twin” so to speak as Lay already has two other wax figures of himself at the Shanghai and Beijing Madame Tussaud museums. In fact, this third figure also means that Lay has officially become the first idol born in the 90s to have three figures!


EXO-Ls have been giving Lay a big congratulations on the achievement while they also uwu over his adorable reaction at meeting the newest Lay!


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