EXO’s Lay Noticed A Reporter Struggling With Her Equipment And What He Did Next Was Everything

Lay just gave us one more reason to love him with our whole hearts!

There are millions of reasons to love EXO‘s Lay. He’s a powerful vocalist, jaw-dropping dancer, top-notch producer and songwriter, fantastic actor, and has one of the sweetest personalities around just to name a few. But Lay recently gave us all one more reason fall even harder for himLay


NetEase Entertainment recently posted a video to their Weibo account from their recent backstage interview with Lay. While there were plenty of sweet and funny moments from the interview, there was one moment in particular that caught fans’ attention.


During the interview, Lay noticed that the reporter’s arm was shaking from holding her microphone all day long. Despite already holding a number of mics himself, when Lay noticed her shaking arm he didn’t hesitate for one second to ask the reporter to let him hold the mic instead!

Jiejie, be careful! Your hand is shaking pretty badly. Let me help you hold it.

— Lay


Although the reporter told him it was okay, everyone noticed that Lay continued to look at her with concern.


The moment has been making fans feel incredibly warm inside with many fans exclaiming over Lay’s super sweet reaction.


There’s simply no denying that Lay really the sweetest!