Netizens Have Discovered A Never Before Seen Video Of EXO’s Lay And Have Declared It Pure UWU

So much cuteness wrapped up in one video!

With so many sweet, adorable, and talented predebut photos and videos of EXO out there it seems like EXO-Ls have had the chance to see it all, but netizens have just uncovered a never before seen video of Lay and it’s incredibly cute!


While everyone knows that Lay has made appearances on television during his childhood, they’d never seen this interview clip featuring Lay after he took the national college exam.


Although fans have only discovered a 10-second clip of the interview so far…


They can’t get over how adorable Lay was!


This isn’t the only EXO predebut content that has been making fans uwu lately! Not too long ago, netizens were exclaiming over Baekhyun‘s cute baby pictures!

Netizens Notice Something Interesting About All Of EXO Baekhyun’s Childhood Photos


EXO truly were adorable then, and haven’t stop being cute ever since!