EXO’s Lay Received A Rose From A Fanboy And His Reaction Was Priceless

Lay’s reaction is exactly what you need in your life right now!

A few months ago, fans caught sight of EXO‘s Lay filming for an episode of Go Fighting! While they were blessed with plenty of pictures taken by their fellow fans, they were recently blessed with even more content from that day including the moment when a fanboy gave Lay a rose!


The show recently uploaded a clip of an episode to their Weibo page and it’s making everyone uwu hard! During the filming, a fan happened to run into Lay and decided to give him a flower.


And after Lay had accepted the rose, the fan couldn’t help shooting Lay a hand heart!


With the rose in Lay’s possession, he tucked it behind his ear before shooting a heart right back at the fan…


Who received it with a giant smile on his face!


Fans are loving the adorable interaction between Lay and this lucky fanboy and can’t help feeling a little jealous over his chance encounter!


But who wouldn’t be jealous of receiving a heart from Lay!