EXO Lay Just Revealed How He Feels About Attending The 61st Grammy Awards

This is how Lay is actually feeling about going to the Grammys:

On January 9, EXO-Ls found out that Lay would be attending the 61st Grammy Awards and ever since everyone has been incredibly excited for the big event. While the award show is almost upon us, fans got the chance to ask Lay his thoughts on his upcoming appearance there!


Somehow despite his packed schedule, Lay found the time to talk with fans and answer everyone’s questions through a Q&A session on his Twitter page. His studio first announced the opportunity a few days ago and asked fans to send their questions to Lay using the #AskLay hashtag.


As you can imagine, Lay got a lot of questions about everything from his recent trip to his parent’s house during the Lunar New Year to his new album. But there was one thing that most fans wanted to know about. How he’s feeling about his upcoming Grammy Awards attendance.


As expected of our hardworking China sheep, he’s not nervous and is very excited about it instead!


Based on all the other questions and comments Lay got during his question-and-answer series, fans are just as excited about the big day too!


The Grammy Awards will be taking place on February 10 and Lay will be attending both the red carpet event and the ceremony as FM101‘s ambassador and is the only artist to receive a joint invitation from China Music Vision and FM101 to attend the award show.


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