EXO’s Lay Reveals How His Positive Competition With Kai Helped Him Improve As An Artist

Kai had quite the influence on Lay!

Kai and Lay are the main dancers of EXO and have always had a friendly “rivalry” with each other.

During an interview for Street Dance of China 3, Lay spoke on his personal experience as an artist and shared that he wasn’t confident in his skills in the past.

He also felt that if he was a contestant on Street Dance of China 3, he wouldn’t focus on other people, he would rather use the time to enrich himself.

However, Lay does believe that there are potential benefits from watching other people and noticing their strengths. When Lay finds a person with certain talents that amazes him, he wants to practice with them so that he could learn from them.

Lay views this as positive competition, where both parties help each other improve their skills and learn from each other.

Lay believes that he has a positive competition with Kai when it comes to dancing.

During EXO’s trainee days, Lay would practice and go out to eat with Kai and Suho. He felt that this was an important time for him, as it helped speed up his growth as an artist.

Here’s the full video below!