EXO Lay’s Solo Concert Tickets Sold Out So Fast Not Even He Could Get One

They just sold out too fast!

With EXO Lay‘s first solo concert coming up in July, tickets for the big event recently dropped online but they sold out so fast that not even Lay himself was able to score tickets to the concert!


Lay recently shared a video with fans of the moment he attempted to score some tickets to his own concert. Although he was completely prepped to jump on the tickets as soon as they went live…

Ticket sales are open!

— Lay


It just didn’t go as planned! In fact, Lay couldn’t even get in the queue for tickets. No matter how many times he refreshed it just wouldn’t let him in!

Traffic ahead? But I clicked earlier. I clicked just now!

— Lay


And in a matter of seconds, it was impossible for him to get tickets because they were completely sold out!

What does this mean? What does it mean successful registration? What kind of operation is this? It’s all sold out. It’s not a matter of seconds, I didn’t even get in! Traffic ahead!

— Lay


Lay’s reaction to finding out that his concert had sold out in 8 seconds flat has fans feeling some serious uwu!


Meanwhile, fans aren’t surprised at all by how quickly the concert tickets sold out. After all, Lay is everybody’s favorite China sheep!