Lee Soo Man’s Latest Interaction With EXO Proves He’s The OG EXO-L Fanclub President

Lee Soo Man is the biggest EXO-L!

SM Entertainment‘s Lee Soo Man was recently spotted hanging out with EXO and his interactions with EXO and EXO-L have everyone convinced that he’s the biggest EXO-L of all!


For the past couple of weeks, fans have been reporting sightings of EXO at the SM building as they prepare for their upcoming EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour!


But this time, EXO weren’t the only ones seen heading to the practice rooms! EXO-Ls soon caught sight of Lee Soo Man in the practice room with EXO, joking around with the members…


And simply having fun with them!


They were even spotted teasing fans a little!


But if his comfortable interactions with them weren’t convincing enough, his EXO cheers certainly were!


During the visit, when Lee Soo Man was by some EXO-Ls he started an EXO fanchant!


EXO-Ls are loving everything about this interaction from his adorable interaction with EXO…


To his fanchant moment with EXO-L!


Now, everyone is more convinced than ever that Lee Soo Man is the president of EXO’s fanclub!