EXO-Ls Are Feeling Overwhelmed After Discovering The Visual Trinity Hiding In Plain Sight

It should be illegal to have that much handsome in one shot!

We’re sure you’ve probably watched “Love Shot” hundreds of time already because it’s a masterpiece that deserves all the love in the world! But you may want to watch it one more time since fans have discovered there’s one visual trinity you don’t want to miss.


Between so many jaw-dropping shots of the extremely handsome EXO members…


It’s impossible to pick out a single moment that isn’t pleasing to the eyes.


But a few EXO-Ls have just noticed how many scenes with Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun in them.


Like we’ve seriously been blessed with all three of them in the same frame over and over again!


This SeKaiYeol trinity is making fans feel pretty flustered.


And with good reason!


One visual is enough to give you a heart attack…


But all three?


It’s like a shot right through the heart!


It’s lucky they haven’t killed anyone yet!


But with visuals that handsome, it’s lucky that any of the members haven’t destroyed everyone’s heart!


Now check out all the moments that you might have missed with the visual trinity below:


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