Filipino Basketball Team Covered EXO’s “Love Shot” In Epic Dance Battle

EXO took the team to victory:

A Filipino basketball team has put a big smile on everyone’s face with their dance cover to EXO‘s “Love Shot”!


The Philippine Basketball Association recently held their big PBA All-Star 2019 game. During the game, the basketball players took to the court to show off some of their dance moves for additional points!


While the PBA North All-Stars, had fans dancing along to their song medley, it was the South All-Stars that put a huge smile on everyone’s face! Starting off their dance with some killer moves…


They soon transitioned into a song that was instantly recognizable to every K-Pop fan, “Love Shot”!


The team danced their way through the song adding in some of their own unique moves!


The dance was a huge hit and even ended up taking the team to victory in the dance battle! Check out the whole dance medley, including their iconic “Love Shot” dance, below: