EXO-Ls Confess The Lies They Told Their Parents Just So They Could Go See EXO

EXO holds a lot of events, and their fans have thought up about every excuse imaginable to go see them.

Some confessions have gone so viral on Twitter that even the EXO members themselves have seen them. Here are some clever lies that EXO-Ls have admitted to telling their parents so they could go see

Charity Events

“Mom, I participated in Youth Push Up Love Up Competition not because I want to, it’s because I want to see EXO.”

University Major

“Mom, you know why I am majoring in Chinese Lit. right?…”

Sneaking Out To A Concert

“Mom, I didn’t pick up your calls not because I was sleeping on the bus… I was jumping around inside Olympic Garden with EXO…”

Sleeping Overnight At A Music Show

“I didn’t sleep at my friend’s home because it’s a holiday, I was sleeping in front of MBC…”

Art Exhibit

“Honestly I didn’t go to art exhibition… I went to Kim Minseok fan art exhibition….”

“Lost” Money

“Mom, I lied that my money was lost. I used it to see an EXO concert.”

The Truth About Japan

“Mom, sorry.. actually I went to Japan because of EXO…”

An All-Nighter

“Mom, I’m sorry. Last Friday I said I was in school because I had an assignment…. actually I was staying up all night for Music Core.”