EXO-Ls Made Huge Donations To Honor EXO Kai’s 26th Birthday

Kai is so lucky to have such great fans!!

EXO Kai‘s fan community made huge donations to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation to commemorate Kai’s 26th birthday.

Kai’s fan community Jong dal sae donated 11.4M won, which is roughly $10,146.86 in US dollars.

The donation will be used in treatment for pediatric cancer patients under Kai’s name and the details will be shared on the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s official website.

The fan community shared they wanted to celebrate Kai’s birthday in a special way since he always shares happiness to his fans. The fan community members participated through purchasing the fan goods and monetary donations and the amount was decided to symbolize Kai’s date of birth, January 14.

Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation stated, “Kai’s fan community ‘Jong Dal Sae’ has continuously sponsored pediatric cancer patients through our foundation and donated 48.4M won in total.”

Source: Market News