EXO-L’s Upset At SM Entertainment For Sehun’s Lack Of Singing Lines

He deserves more singing lines.

EXO recently released a song called “Bird”. While fans enjoyed the song, many noted how Sehun‘s line are only nine seconds, when the song in its entirety is over four minutes long. Fans believe that SM Entertainment is not allowing Sehun to pursue his singing, which has caused EXO-L’s to speak up to defend him.

Fans continued to note that Sehun’s line are all backing vocals. If people were to chose not to count that, he would not have any lines to begin with.

EXO-L’s are bringing back past times when Sehun has shown off his vocals, with people saying he has improved greatly and that he has a unique tone that the other EXO members don’t have.

People also point out that Sehun sang wonderfully when he debuted in a duo with fellow EXO member Chanyeol. He sang on some songs from their mini album, with EXO-L’s commenting that his voice in “Borderline” was absolutely breathtaking.

As people wonder how Sehun must feel being forced to rap, having barely any lines and solo activities has caused fans to worry. Sehun has stated in the past that he struggles to stay positive, and many fans believe that SM Entertainment is not helping.

SM Entertainment has not responded to the fan’s complaints.