EXO Have Made History Once Again And Become The Korean First Group To Reach 11 Million Sales

Album sale kings!

Not too long ago EXO made history when they became quintuple million sellers, but they haven’t slowed down one bit and have recently made history once again!

EXO Makes History as 5x Million Sellers & are the First to Reach 10 Million Sales this Millennium


In November, just ten days after EXO released “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, they made history when they sold 1,179,997 copies of the album making them quintuple million sellers.

And they became the first Korean artists to do this after the year 2000!


But the sales of “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” have surpassed 2.1 million in the last 2 months which not only makes this EXO’s best selling album to date…


It also means they have surpassed more than 11 million album sales in their career!


Even more exciting, they are the first Korean group to do so!


Congratulations EXO and EXO-L!