The EXO Members Decided To Surprise Xiumin During His Fan Meet Before Military Enlistment

Xiumin didn’t expect them to come. They did.

On May 4, 2019, EXO‘s Xiumin held his first solo fan meet prior to his military enlistment. During the fan meet, he had mentioned how he wished his other EXO members were there to celebrate with him.

Members Baekhyun and Lay had sent video messaged to Xiumin, which they played in the fan meet.

Suddenly, the members appeared from backstage to surprise their eldest member! Chen revealed that they had planned to come here to surprise him with their managers, and even tried not to mention anything in their group chat!

Xiumin hugs all his members and soon they greet the crowd as EXO. Xiumin was so overcome with emotions, he couldn’t help but shed tears.

Lay, who couldn’t make it to the fan meet due to activities in China, decided to surprise Xiumin by calling him instead.

Baekhyun also had a small chat with Lay, asking where he was. It seems the members also miss Lay a lot.

After the call, the members each said a word to Xiumin, wishing him good luck now that he’s enlisting to the military and showering him with words love and admiration.

Suho: Minseok (t/n: Xiumin’s real name), I was watching you backstage and I loved seeing how happy you were performing. You’re such a good friend off-stage but a beautiful performer on-stage. We won’t be able to see you for a long time, I hope you can return safely and not get hurt.
Baekhyun: I hope you can return healthy. I love you.

Firstly… Since we were trainees up to now, I always admired you. I’m supposed to make you cry but I think I’m the one who’s gonna cry.


Sehun: Same with the other members, we have talked about this before. Above all, I think not getting hurt is what is important. When you return, I hope you can show a cool image for our EXO-Ls.
D.O: Give Minseok-hyung lots of love!

A few days ago, I had soju with Minseok and told him I love him. We talked a lot, and you worked very hard to prepare for today. Honestly, I’m not worried at all. I know that you’ll do well and return safely.

Xiumin ended his fansign with the boys of EXO, telling everyone how much he loved them and promising to return healthily.

We are One, EXO! We love you!