EXO Members Meet For Dinner A Week Before D.O.’s Enlistment

They came together for D.O.

On June 25, EXO‘s Sehun posted a picture of EXO enjoying dinner together. This gathering of EXO is significant as it comes less than a week before D.O.‘s enlistment on July 1, and also all members were present, save for Lay, who is currently promoting in China, and Xiumin, who is already serving in the military.

exo_d.o. enlistment_1

EXO had a similar dinner the week before Xiumin enlisted in May; a new EXO tradition may be on the rise.

exo_xiumin enlistment_1

Unfortunately for EXO-L and K-Pop fans in general, military enlistment can’t be helped, but at least fans can rest assured that EXO’s bond remains as strong as ever.

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