EXO-Ls Are Even More Excited For EXO’s New Reality Show After Noticing One Special Detail

EXO-Ls were not expecting to see this:

Ever since EXO announced that they’d be doing another reality show this year, fans have been extremely excited but as the teasers for the show have started being released the excitement has been leveling up!


Over the past few days, teasers for Sim For You have been making their way online. While the teasers have been making EXO-Ls highly anticipating the first episode, it’s one particular thing about the teasers that has caught a lot of attention.


Xiumin was the first member to be introduced. In the teasers for Xiumin, fans learned they would get to see some more of what Xiumin is like off stage as well as taking a peek into his daily life. But seeing their favorite hyung was just the tip of the iceberg!


Upon closer inspection, EXO-Ls noticed that Xiumin’s teaser started off with a search portal and when EXO was searched up, all nine members of the group were displayed! Lay was even displayed on the small profile banner on the side!


On top of that, Lay was also revealed in the official logo header for the show!


EXO-Ls quickly noticed that all nine members were displayed and couldn’t help expressing their excitement over the possibility that the show would include Lay too!


Although no one knows for sure, the possibility is incredibly exciting!