EXO-Ls Will Be Able To See A Lot More Of EXO OT9 Soon

SM’s new fanclub is opening the door for more OT9.

It’s not always easy for EXO-Ls, especially when it comes seeing all 9 members of EXO together. While fans have always been understanding of each of the members’ busy individual schedules, they always have hope that they’ll be able to see or hear anything about all the members together and it looks like something will be happening very soon to make that possible.


SM Entertainment recently announced they’ll be opening registration for EXO-L “Basic” and “ACE” membership. While fans have been pretty excited about another chance to interact with their biases, there was something else about the fanclub’s introduction that really caught their interest.


To introduce the open registration, each of EXO member greeted fans with their own welcoming videos including Lay! Lay also recorded his very own greeting to fans! His video starts off with an apology to fans for not saying hello in a long time.

“EXO-Ls! It’s Lay of EXO. It’s been such a long time since I said hi to you guys. Have you been well?”

— Lay


But he then goes on to announce that he will be updating everyone with his activities a lot more frequently on the platform.

“From now on I’ll give you frequent updates on my status. Everybody, every EXO-L, please come by often!”

— Lay


Lay’s message has thoroughly warmed everyone’s heart and made them feel all sorts of emotions.


Although the message doesn’t mean we’ll physically get to see OT9 together all the time, it does mean we will be seeing a lot more of all the members!


This sweet message and all the others shows that OT9 is forever and hopefully we will get to see all 9 members interacting together very soon.