Fans Asked Park Bom If She Could Collab With EXO And Her Answer Will Leave You Shook

An EXO and Bom collab? Yes, please!

Many Blackjacks and EXO-Ls have long dreamed of a collaboration between EXO and 2NE1 especially after seeing all the sweet interactions they had in the past. When 2NE1 disbanded, however, that dream seemed like it wasn’t ever going to be able to happen. But maybe that dream isn’t so impossible!


Park Bom recently held a livestream where she interacted and chatted with fans. While there were a lot of fun moments from the stream, there was one in particular that caught EXO-Ls attention!


During the stream, Bom was reading comments and came across a number of them asking her to collab with EXO which she didn’t hesitate to address.

A collaboration with EXO. That’s what everyone is telling me.

— Park Bom


While her just mentioning the comments was already amazing enough, she then went on to say one last thing on the subject leaving everyone shook!

If it’s possible. They’re awesome!

— Park Bom


Although this may just be the possibility of a collaboration, fans everywhere have voiced their excitement that something could happen between them in the future!


Now we need to keep our fingers crossed so that this dream collaboration can become a reality soon!