EXO’s D.O Made This Sweet Gesture For Comedienne Park Ji Sun

Good manners are ingrained in his personality.

EXO‘s D.O has recently been in the spotlight for a warm gesture he made towards comedienne Park Ji Sun.

On July 9th, a netizen shared the story on an online community. Park Ji Sun had apparently attended a lecture at a highschool and shared some things about EXO’s D.O.

He is a transcendant man. I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t praise him. He has such good character. He was really the best. I have a picture of him on my wardrobe.

ㅡ Park Ji Sun


She then talked about what happened at an event back in December 2018 for his film Swing Kids. Park Ji Sun had been standing off to the side while the actors took a selfie with the audience.

I was with him at an event for Swing Kids. The actors and audience were taking photos at the end and he called me over. I was the MC so I wasn’t in the picture.

ㅡ Park J Sun


When D.O noticed this, however, he called her over and invited her to take the picture together so that she doesn’t feel left out.

I said, ‘It’s okay,’ but he told me to come over saying, ‘You worked the hardest.’ So I ended up taking a picture with them.

ㅡ Park Ji Sun


Thanks to D.O’s warm gesture, Park Ji Sun came over and took the picture together and was able to create a good memory.


Park Ji Sun has continued to share only good things about D.O, having even mentioned about how sweet he was on a radio broadcast last year.

Translation: “After the showcase, I cam down and Do Kyungsoo (D.O) was still there so I greeted him again. D.O greeted me so I was going to shake his hand but he came and hugged me. But his attitude was so natural, so I was really touched.”


After hearing these stories about D.O, fans are falling in love with him all over again. Check out the video clip from the Swing Kids event below:

Source: The Qoo