These EXO Photos Are Going Insanely Viral And All Anyone Can Say Is “Hot Damn”

These photos are almost too sexy to handle!

EXO are no strangers to making everyone feel weak in the knees and incredibly breathless, but they recently revealed a few photos online and now these hot pictures are going insanely viral with good reason!


In celebration of their 7 year anniversary, EXO recently announced that they would be releasing a photo book present which would feature pictures from a trip to Hawaii the members took together.

The photo album ‘PRESENT; Gift’ will be released on April 30 to show EXO’s break in Hawaii! Preorders can be placed from various on and off-line music stores starting today (April 8).


While EXO-Ls already felt a little attacked by the news and the released photos, everyone was about to be in for an even bigger one! Detective EXO-Ls quickly found what they believed to be were even more pictures from the photoshoot.


Although there may not be any confirmation yet that these photo banners are from their Hawaii trip, there is one thing that we know for certain…


EXO are true visual kings who could be out to destroy us all!


In each and every one of the photos, they show off a sexy vibe.


Their looks are so hot that they might just burn…


And everyone is seriously feeling the photos effects!


EXO-Ls have been trying to find the right words to express how they feel about them, but EXO is truly making it hard.


So far, fans have admitted that they think EXO look like secret agents of 007 caliber…


And that they look beyond sexy!


There’s no denying that these photos make it hard on our hearts, but it’s in the best way possible!