EXO’s Next Tour May Be Delayed Until April And EXO-Ls Are Not Happy

If the rumor is true it could mean a couple more changes to the group’s schedule.

EXO-Ls have been patiently waiting for SM Entertainment to make any kind of announcement about EXO‘s EXO Planet 5 tour, but according to rumors, it may not be what everyone wants to hear.


Fans know that EXO are due for another tour and previously it was said that the tour would kick off in February. But so far, SM Entertainment has been pretty quiet about the situation while fans are stressing about the stops they’ll be making as well as not knowing when the tour will actually happen.


Over the past couple of days, however, a new rumor has sprung up that the concert tour is getting pushed back until April. EXO-Ls are quite upset with this rumor and are begging SM Entertainment to finally release details about it.


EXO-Ls are also worried what an April tour would mean for EXO’s next comeback as they expect it would push it back.


Although many EXO-Ls are not happy with the possible change, others have expressed they would actually be glad if SM Entertainment decided to push the tour back until April.


But no matter how EXO-Ls feel about the subject, we’ll all have to wait for SM Entertainment’s official announcement to know when and where EXO will be headed on their next tour!