EXO-Ls Have Noticed Something Interesting About EXO’s Red Carpet Appearances

You probably never noticed the one thing EXO always does on the red carpet.

EXO-Ls have recently picked up that EXO has a red carpet secret. They noticed that, when taking photos on the red carpet, the members of the boy group pose in the same exact formation.

It seems that the members line up according to their height, which allows for the photo to look more visually pleasing and give it more depth.  While other idol groups seem to pose in no specific order, EXO is so organized that they even kept the same simple pose throughout the years, a thumbs up.


exo red carpet
The members line up in a specific order to make their photos more visually pleasing.

EXO’s red carpet appearances are sometimes looked forward to as much as their performances at events. Not only do the members perform professionally but they even pose professionally and look handsome doing it.

Check out some of the EXO red carpet photos below.

Only EXO can make a simple thumbs up look so cool.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Thumbs up forever!

EXO's secret of taking the best red carpet photos has been revealed.
It looks like D.O. is challenging us to a thumb war. Challenge accepted.