EXO Reveals Interesting Details About Their New Album’s Side Tracks

The two songs have contrasting sounds.

New details about two of EXO‘s side tracks were recently revealed!

On November 20, an EXO staff member released details about their upcoming songs “Groove” and “Ya Ya Ya”.

According to the staff member, “Groove” is a dance song with a rhythmical chorus that has strings and flute sounds that harmonize together to create a dreamlike mood.

It draws the picture of a lover’s dance, sharing passionate emotions while passing between reality and a dream.

– Staff Member

On the other hand, “Ya Ya Ya” is a hiphop dance song. It samples the song “You’re The One” by female R&B trio SWV, but it reinterprets it in EXO’s own style. It incorporates the heaviness of the 808 bass, making it have an addictive, sing-along chorus.

It confidently expresses one’s belief in a love that started in a single moment.

– Staff Member

EXO will be releasing their 6th album, OBSESSION, on November 27.

Source: Twitter