EXO-SC Made Fans Burst Into Laughter With Their Cute Skit To Announce Their Fever Festival Encore

Their encore introduction put a smile on everyone’s faces:

When Sehun and Chanyeol come together things can get very extra very quickly so when they performed as the iconic EXO-SC duo at the 2019 Fever Festival, of course, they let their wild sides out and had fans cracking up with an adorable skit.


On October 27, Sehun and Chanyeol performed at the festival and brought some serious heat with their jaw-dropping performances.


The crowd was loving their performances so much they didn’t want them to stop. When it came to the end of Sehun and Chanyeol’s performance the crowd was definitely disappointed and kept calling for them to give an encore!


When they heard fans calling for an encore, Chanyeol kept telling fans it was impossible and they just couldn’t do it! That is, he kept telling them it was impossible until he said he got a call!

Ah! Hold on, I’m getting a call!

— Chanyeol


Stepping back and answering the incoming “call,” Chanyeol listened intently as Sehun held his hand up like he was answering his own call! After pausing for a moment, Chanyeol had the crowd going wild when announced they could do one last song before revealing they’d be performing “We Young”!

Hello? One more song is okay? What should we do then? Well, how about one last song then!

— Chanyeol


Since “We Young” was reportedly part of their lineup for the festival, fans are sure this was really an adorable skit they put together just for fans! And while it’s a possibility they really did get a call from the event organizers, their reactions alone are making fans crack up!


You can check out Chanyeol and Sehun’s adorable skit as well as their fire “We Young” encore performance below: